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We can offer either a salary and percentage based fee structure or the increasingly popular option is for us to agree a management fee for the project. This means that you know exactly how much the project will cost and the recruitment charges won't increase should you wish to offer the successful candidate a higher salary. If you want to bring some recruitment excellence into your business life and would like further details of our fees or a specific quote, please call Jo on 01604 871030 or email her. Ready to bring recruitment excellence into your business life? Take the first step and contact us now, We look forward to hearing from you!
At Wynsor Allen we understand that your time is a valuable resource to your business. We also appreciate that you have a perfectly reasonable expectation that if you outsource a project, you're expecting to receive not only value for money but also a high level of customer service and an excellent result without you having to invest a lot of time in managing the process. With a hard-won reputation for exceptional service to protect, we pride ourselves on meeting and surpassing your expectations. We are very good at what we do and strongly believe in doing the job right. For that reason all assignments are accepted only on an exclusive and retained basis. We can best serve you when we are able to focus our time and resources on you and your business and therefore never commit to handling too many assignments at any one time. Nor do we accept contingency or speculative enquiries although we're always happy to have an initial discussion if you're not yet sure which direction you wish to take. We admit that we are unlikely to be your cheapest option but we will be your most effective one.  When we accept your assignment we do so with complete integrity and are committed to delivering to you the very best result possible.
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