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Following your enquiry, we will come along for a face-to-face, on-site meeting, to learn as much as we can about your company, its culture and its personalities. Working closely with you, a detailed job brief is prepared and is forwarded to you for confirmation. On discussion with you, a decision is made as to the best method of sourcing your new employee using a combination of database search, advertising and networking. Candidates offering specific skills or industry experience often respond to a direct approach. We can research target companies in order to identify and approach prospects and then sell the proposition to the potential candidate , assessing their degree of suitability and desire for change. This approach is often appropriate in situations where press advertising could create competitive or sensitive issues. We will meet potentially suitable candidates for an in-depth interview, covering their career to date, their achievements and accomplishments and also to assess their personal aspirations, commitment and motivation. A short-list of candidates to interview will then be presented to you – the cream of those available, who offer you the potential for the best ‘fit’.
We’ll provide you with a detailed CV of each candidate, interviewer’s summary and reasons for short-list. We will arrange all Interviews and ensure that all candidates are fully briefed. Debrief sessions with both you and the candidate will ascertain levels of interest and identify any reservations or areas of concern. Second interviews are arranged at this stage. On completion of the interview procedure we will be happy to assist with the decision making process, if you require. As an additional service, we can also provide reference checking, psychometric and personality profiles, assessment centres and other numeric and verbal testing, to give you as much information as possible about a future member of your management team. We will present your offer to your chosen candidate and liaise between you to finalise arrangements and will continue to work closely with the candidate to ensure a problem free resignation and notice period. Then - celebrate! But that is not the end of the story – contact is maintained with both you and the candidate to maximise results both now and in the future.
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