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Personal Development Coaching For Business

No matter how you look at it, any team is simply a group of individuals.  For the team to perform well, each individual has to both understand and to play, their part.


A lack of focus or drop in performance at work can be caused by both internal and external influences which may have little or nothing to do with the job but everything to do with the personal issues and concerns of the individual.


Problems can be rooted in self-belief - too much or not enough - or maybe communication style is the issue.  Financial pressures and concerns over job security can result in resentment or emotional detachment. Family issues may be draining energy and distracting thought.  Perhaps retirement is looming.  Whatever the cause, it can be demoralising and frustrating for other team members and you may be unsure as to how to address and resolve the situation.


Jo says...


“As a Recruiter, I've always believed in going the extra mile to make sure that both candidate and employer are a great match, not just from a skills perspective but also in relation to company culture, personality, expectations, ethics and values.


This approach led me naturally into an interest in personal development and since qualifying as a Personal Development Coach in 2006 I have supported many individuals in making positive changes to their lives which have resulted in them feeling happier and more in control than they have for years.


For some, it has led to significantly increased success at work; for others, it has been an intensely personal journey that has changed their entire outlook on life. Without exception, they have all found the process to be deeply enlightening and immensely worthwhile.


In today's highly competitive world it is becoming increasingly challenging to attract and then retain, those individuals who can make a truly positive impact on the organisation they work for and I'm sure you'll agree that it takes a lot of time, effort and money to recruit the right people.


Key individuals are now motivated by so much more than just their salary. They want to work with a company whose business ethics and values match their own. They want to feel part of the organisation and to have both influence and involvement in its development. Most of all, they want to feel valued and appreciated.


But however good they are, they can still sometimes become overwhelmed by events and situations over which you as the employer or manager have no control but you have to deal with the consequences. Individual coaching can resolve these issues, thereby protecting your investment, raising team morale, and increasing employee commitment and loyalty.


All of us now have to operate under immense pressures of one kind or another and some are better than others at balancing those pressures. If you have someone in your team who you think may be struggling to get the balance right or perhaps is facing redundancy or retirement and could benefit from a programme of coaching, please contact me and I’ll explain how I can help. You can also visit Wynsor Allen's sister site where you'll find testimonials from some of the many people I have coached to date.

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