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What Else Do We Do?

Variety is the spice of life...

Over the years we've been lucky enough to be involved in all sorts of everything.  Working in senior recruitment and management consultancy has presented us with many different opportunities and taught us a whole bunch of lessons along the way - not all of them ones we really wanted to learn!

These days, although Jo's main focus will always be recruitment, as an organisation our other two main areas of interest couldn't be more different.  You can find out more about Life Refreshed, DoodleDoo Personalised Charity Cards and Wysdom Dental Technologies by following the links in the paragraphs below but here are a few words about each, in the hope that your curiosity is piqued....

Life Refreshed
Personal Development Coaching


In 2006 Jo qualified as a Life & Personal Development Coach and became one of the first in the UK to achieve the EDEXCEL BTEC Certificate in Life Coaching Skills and Practice, the highest officially recognised Life Coaching qualification currently available. Believing in one to one coaching (so much more effective and personal than over the phone), Jo is passionate about helping you live the life you truly want. 

Jo says “As a Recruiter, I've always believed in going the extra mile to make sure that both candidate and employer are a great match, not just from a skills perspective but also in relation to company culture, personality, expectations, ethics and values.   This approach led me naturally into an interest in personal development and since qualifying as a Personal Development Coach in 2006 I have supported many individuals in making positive changes to their lives which have resulted in them feeling happier and more in control than they have for years."

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If you - or someone you know - could benefit from personal coaching, why not find out more by checking out Jo's
Life Refreshed website?

DoodleDoo Personalised Charity Cards


Wynsor Allen is proud to own and run - a Personalised & Bespoke Greetings Cards website which allows you to not only choose the image for your card from a wide range of images, artwork and photographic art (many of which are not available on any other card site) and add your own message but also to choose a charity to receive a minimum of a 10% donation from the sale of your card.

It's a great way to support your favourite local Charities and Artists. It's easy for Charities to register so if you have your favourite make sure you recommend that they sign up - there's no cost to them at all, we just send them money when customers choose them.

If you're an Artist, Creative or Photographer then DoodleDoo also creates opportunities for you to earn 10% royalties from your work. You don't need to be a professional, just be able to supply interesting and top quality work that would look good on a greetings card.

In 2019 we'll also be launching a Celebrity Art section where well-known names can submit their artwork to support their chosen charities and a new site - Cards for Heroes - dedicated to supporting our wonderful emergency and military services' Charities.


Check out the DoodleDoo Personalised Charity Cards website and let us know what you think. Ask us nicely and I might even let you have a discount code (but don't tell everyone!).

DoodleDoo Personalised Charity Greetings Cards and are trading brands of Wynsor Allen Management Services Ltd. DoodleDoo and Cards for Heroes are registered trademarks of Wynsor Allen

Wysdom Dental Technologies Ltd


Wysdom was one of the earliest dental practice management system suppliers to be certified for electronic transmissions across the UK NHS way back in 1991.

Wysdom also supplies and supports IT systems and X-Ray & Digital Technologies.

Wynsor Allen's involvement with Wysdom goes way back as we've provided in-depth consultancy services to the business for over 25 years.  When the owners decided to retire in 2016, they were keen for us to take over as we knew the business so well.  Glenn will tell you that it's been a mixed blessing but Wysdom continues to thrive, despite the many challenges of combining the NHS and technology, not to mention global pandemics!

Under Glenn's leadership Wysdom has developed CloudPlus, a brand new cutting-edge Dental Practice Management System to once again put itself at the forefront of the sector.  Not only is this a game-changing system in its own right but it includes Wysdom's SyncTech technology in order to deliver a truly hybrid Cloud/Local solution, ensuring all the convenience of Cloud with none of the disadvantages.  All this as well as launching Wysdom Digital as a dedicated supply and servicing business for the dental sector and RotaAngel, a dedicated Shift & Holiday Managmement System.  Glenn and the Wysdom team have been very busy!


Interested and like to know more?  Check out the Wysdom website.

Wysdom is a registered trademark of Wysdom Dental Technologies Ltd.

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