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Why Choose WA Business Solutions?

Hi, I'm Glenn Wynsor

These days I seem to wear a lot of different hats!  As well as being responsible for the day to day management of DoodleDoo and WYSdom Dental Technologies, I also head up Wynsor Allen's Business Solutions division. 


Over the years we've supported many owners and managers of companies both large and small in the development of their businesses and I'm fortunate to work with a trusted group of people that provide expertise, experience and a determination to deliver solutions that work in the real world.  All have extensive understanding of their field and know how to maximise the potential of any business. 

We've worked with many companies in all sorts of sectors, helping them to achieve their goals and creating successful and sustainable businesses. Able to assess both the “big picture” as well as the day to day nitty gritty, we deliver straightforward insight and guidance across all aspects of your business.


Why WA Business Solutions?

Never ones to come up with all the ideas and then walk away and leave you to it, we have a hands-on approach and always play an active part in any project, working as part of your team and enabling you to focus on what you need to do.

Inspirational, committed and enthusiastic, key areas of interest for us include:

  • Profitability Enhancement - by analysing and improving internal processes to make the business function more efficiently and profitably.

  • Growth Planning - looking at how sales and profits can be maximised through product development and brand exposure.

  • Implementation - after working with you on a viable plan, seeing it through to successful conclusion.


As a third party we don’t get too distracted by the day-to-day detail that often gets in the way of moving forward. We identify where you can improve and develop internally and work with you to deliver those changes so you have the very best platform for business growth. Then we look at the where you are going with your company and support you to create a realistic and achievable plan that we then help you deliver.

Can we help?

We work primarily in the UK but have also worked internationally with companies in North America, Europe and the UAE.  


To find out how we can help you enhance the excellence in your business, call me on (+44) 01604 871030, fill in the form below or email direct

Professional Memberships

I am proud to be a Fellow of The Chartered Management Institute


Interested to find out more about the other Wynsor? You can find Jo here.

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