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Your Management Recruitment Solution

  • Are you looking to recruit or develop a key member of your management team?

  • Do you need them to have both the skills and the personality to have a truly positive and long-lasting impact on your business?

  • Are you finding it time-consuming to assess all the options and are unsure as to which route to take?

  • Do you wish you could find a simple, effective and professional solution?

If you answered “Yes” to any or all of the above, want to solve your problem, free up your time and work with experienced recruitment professionals who genuinely care, then you’ve found your solution right here!

What We Do

What We Do

Management Recruitment

Wynsor Allen brings you a Management and Executive level recruitment service with a difference. As a committed and results-orientated consultancy with over a quarter of a century’s experience in sourcing and developing key middle and senior management individuals, we support you in building and developing the effectiveness and potential of your team.

What makes us different?  Find out here...


No matter how you look at it, any team is simply a group of individuals.


For the team to perform well, each individual has to both understand and to play, their part.


If you have someone in your team who you think may benefit from programme of coaching, we can help get that individual back on track.


Find out how we do that here...

What Else Do We Do?

Our many years of experience has opened up other  opportunities for us, sometimes quite diverse!


Variety is the spice of life, as they say (whoever 'they' might be!?).


If you'd like to learn more about what else we get up to, then you can do that right here...

What We Do For Employers

What You Can Expect

Something different from the norm.  Someone who has a genuine interest in and commitment to understanding you and your business and knows exactly how to identify and find just what you need.


No fuss, no drama, just expert knowledge, extensive experience and a recruitment partner that takes the pain out of the process...

How We Work For You

Our job is to make your job easier.


We make sure we understand exactly what you need and then we go and find it for you.  Simples!

And yes, we know everyone says that but we really do it...

Why It Works For you

Recruitment can be a frustrating and time consuming business and we know you don't need any more of that in your day.


We work closely with you to make sure that the process is as painless and enjoyable as it's possible for recruitment to be.  We may not be miracle workers but hey, we come close...


What We Do For Candidates

Why We Are Different

As a Wynsor Allen candidate, you’ll notice a few differences in the relationship you have with us compared to other recruiters.

Which, from what we hear, may be something of a relief...

How We Work

You’ll not need to surf our website looking for suitable opportunities. We work in partnership with our clients, retained by them to find their ideal candidate. We're all about quality, not quantity.


If we're working on something that might excite you, we'll be on your tail to tell you about it. You don't need to chase us but we're always happy to help or advise...

What We Work On

We specialise in mid to senior level permanent roles across almost all disciplines. This means that we understand the level you’ve been working at, your current role and the future direction of your career.


We admit to not being experts in the IT sector - there are others much better suited to that - but pretty much anything else at management level and we'll do our best to help...



“...a unique and respected credibility...”


Institute of Recruitment Professionals

Ready to find out more?

If we've convinced you that you might benefit from some Wynsor Allen in your life, then why not find out more?

You can

Easy peasy...

We look forward to speaking with you!

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